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@ localhost:6379?db=0
redis version6.0.10
redis git sha100000000
redis git dirty0
redis build id66898bb7acd47e81
redis modestandalone
osLinux 5.4.0-65-generic x86_64
arch bits64
multiplexing apiepoll
atomicvar apiatomic-builtin
gcc version8.3.0
process id1
run ide6ebcc43e054b7cd9409caef9bbabc33...
tcp port6379
uptime in seconds4289090
uptime in days49
configured hz10
lru clock7980939
config file
io threads active0
connected clients8
client recent max input buffer8
client recent max output buffer0
blocked clients0
tracking clients0
clients in timeout table0
used memory1029216
used memory human1005.09K
used memory rss6086656
used memory rss human5.80M
used memory peak1290944
used memory peak human1.23M
used memory peak perc79.73%
used memory overhead975664
used memory startup803160
used memory dataset53552
used memory dataset perc23.69%
allocator allocated1116416
allocator active1429504
allocator resident4276224
total system memory67233611776
total system memory human62.62G
used memory lua63488
used memory lua human62.00K
used memory scripts1640
used memory scripts human1.60K
number of cached scripts1
maxmemory human0B
maxmemory policynoeviction
allocator frag ratio1.28
allocator frag bytes313088
allocator rss ratio2.99
allocator rss bytes2846720
rss overhead ratio1.42
rss overhead bytes1810432
mem fragmentation ratio5.92
mem fragmentation bytes5059000
mem not counted for evict1342
mem replication backlog0
mem clients slaves0
mem clients normal163976
mem aof buffer1536
mem allocatorjemalloc-5.1.0
active defrag running0
lazyfree pending objects0
rdb changes since last save2778
rdb bgsave in progress0
rdb last save time1614304585
rdb last bgsave statusok
rdb last bgsave time sec-1
rdb current bgsave time sec-1
rdb last cow size0
aof enabled1
aof rewrite in progress0
aof rewrite scheduled0
aof last rewrite time sec-1
aof current rewrite time sec-1
aof last bgrewrite statusok
aof last write statusok
aof last cow size0
module fork in progress0
module fork last cow size0
aof current size311015
aof base size177578
aof pending rewrite0
aof buffer length0
aof rewrite buffer length0
aof pending bio fsync0
aof delayed fsync0
total connections received166
total commands processed11958
instantaneous ops per sec0
total net input bytes390468
total net output bytes7347418
instantaneous input kbps0.01
instantaneous output kbps2.41
rejected connections0
sync full0
sync partial ok0
sync partial err0
expired keys15
expired stale perc0.00
expired time cap reached count0
expire cycle cpu milliseconds150376
evicted keys0
keyspace hits1960
keyspace misses2456
pubsub channels0
pubsub patterns0
latest fork usec0
migrate cached sockets0
slave expires tracked keys0
active defrag hits0
active defrag misses0
active defrag key hits0
active defrag key misses0
tracking total keys0
tracking total items0
tracking total prefixes0
unexpected error replies0
total reads processed6640
total writes processed6602
io threaded reads processed0
io threaded writes processed0
connected slaves0
master replid3a9d1227c281af22be1cbb78590388fd...
master replid200000000000000000000000000000000...
master repl offset0
second repl offset-1
repl backlog active0
repl backlog size1048576
repl backlog first byte offset0
repl backlog histlen0
used cpu sys4160.912485
used cpu user4937.935593
used cpu sys children0.000000
used cpu user children0.007482
cluster enabled0
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